TAAN FIRE is founded by a group of fire prevention engineers, industrial safety engineers and professional technicians. Several of them also deliver lectures routinely in the university, such as the Central Police University, Taiwan Police College, HungKuang Institute of Technology, Central Vocational Training Center Fire Prevention and so on. As the leading company in this field, we have been successfully providing the means to effectively deal with the fire suppression through our diversity of marketing channels for many years.

We re proud of our reputation for the best quality and excellent service or our unique and friendly approach toward every customer. Our strategy is to maintain this reputation by concentrating the needs and requirements from every valued customer. As a result, the superior relationship with our clients contributes to our advanced sales and marketing capabilities to meet both the real and potential needs from customers. In order to satisfy the different demands, we continuously explore and introduce the worldwide new service, techniques and products to the targeted markets.


We mean that the extraordinary dedication to quality, constant striving to innovate and improve, and the unwavering determination to be the best which are so evident in the professional field of the fire suppression. In every aspect of our operations create results which leave amaze our competitors and more importantly, delight our customers. We re posed to put our years of experience to work more professional and innovative by means of creating and introducing new technologies to satisfy our customers requirements.

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